Specialized Services

Therapeutic Listening

Therapeutic Listening®, is an evidence-based listening program that has been effective in treating children with sensory processing, listening, attention and communication challenges. Improvements that have been noted include:

Increased focus and attention
Increased balance of moods
Increased balance of energy levels
Increased tolerance to noise
Improved sleep patterns
Improved handwriting
Improved regulation of bodily functions
Therapeutic Listening® utilizes specially designed and recorded music selections that stimulate areas of the brain that are involved in attention, self regulation, regulation of bodily functions, organization, relatedness and communication. Each child receives a customized listening program to address their individual needs. Clients listen to the specialized music routine with headphones during therapy sessions and/or as part of a home listening program.

Interactive Metronome

Interactive Metronome® (IM) is an assessment and treatment tool designed to improve cognitive and motor functioning. During IM sessions, children work with specially trained therapists, matching a computer generated rhythm with physical movement. It is a multi-modality tool combining sight, sound and movement. IM provides feedback to refine and improve performance as well as positive reinforcement and rewards for accurate work. It enables the therapist to measure deficits and track improvement.

Interactive Metronome can be used for individuals with a wide range of challenges including:
Learning Disabilities
Auditory Processing
Neurological Impairment
Cerebral Palsy
Sensory Integration
Evidence shows that IM can improve:
Decision Making
Language processing
Reading and math fluency
Control of impulsivity/aggression
Motor Planning and Sequencing
Bilateral Coordination
Motor Function

Therapy Intensives

At Kid Clan we offer the option of therapy intensives. During intensives several sessions are scheduled in close succession, daily or several days a week for a short period of time. Intensives have been shown to be highly effective in establishing the foundational goals for successful therapy in a more time efficient manner. In addition, therapy intensives are an excellent way to train parents to implement crucial therapy techniques at home, during routine activities. At Kid Clan, we know that parents are the real experts on their children’s needs. Therefore, the training and guided practice during intensives are essential to empower parents and it simultaneously leads to quicker, real life results.

Sensory Integration

Jumping, crashing, swinging, climbing, and giggling are some of the sights and sounds you might see and hear if you peeked into our sensory gym. Our therapists provide engaging sensory challenges to help children develop problem-solving and sensory integration skills.

Sensory integration is the brain’s ability to automatically screen, enhance, and organize sensory information from one’s own body and environment into meaningful information and efficient motor output. Every experience that we have is accompanied by sensory experiences. The brain must determine what to attend to and what to screen.

We all rely on sensory input to achieve an optimal level of arousal. Some children may be hyper-sensitive to touch, light, sound, movement, or taste. Other children may be hypo-sensitive to some or all of these sensations, and may seek stimulation excessively. Some children may pursue or avoid sensory experiences in ways that seem strange or inappropriate. They may spin, bite, or avoid eye contact.

Sensory integration therapy works to develop appropriate responses to sensory experiences. Sensory integration challenges are addressed by our occupational therapists, but may also be addressed during physical and/or speech therapy. At Kid Clan sensory integration therapy is family oriented. Caretakers work with the therapists to understand their child’s needs, and how to continually help and strengthen their child.

Reflex Integration Therapy

Our therapists have undergone extensive training in both Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT) and Reflex Integration Therapy. Reflex integration is part of the complex neural development that begins in the womb and continues into childhood. Reflexes lay the foundation for learning, movement, and sensory systems to take shape. If a reflex system has not integrated properly, it may develop into behavioral, motor or learning challenges. Our therapists integrate reflexes through fun therapeutic activities. At Kid Clan we provide parent training so that progress can be achieved as effectively as possible.


Interoception is the internal sensory system of the body- the ability to recognize different feelings and changes going on INSIDE of us. Hunger, thirst, pain, and tiredness, are among the many internal sensations this “8th sense”helps us to identify. Children with sensory processing difficulties, may have an impaired interoceptive sensory system, where the slightest internal change can cause extreme distractedness or anxiety, or conversely, too much sensory input is needed before the child can detect their own bodily needs. At Kid Clan, we address these challenges individually by evaluating your child and providing unique therapeutic methods to empower child and parent alike.


Neuronet is a research-based learning readiness program for children in Kindergarten through Grade 3. Based on the science of neural plasticity- how our brains process new information – Neuronet was created to help kids become stronger learners. Through rhythmic and patterned movements, children prepare their neurological pathways for all aspects of learning. Each of the different program-led exercises correlate to specific neural pathways and muscle developments needed inside the classroom. When children repeat the routine every morning, these neural pathways become increasingly stronger enabling them to develop fluency in core reading, writing and math skills, as well as improved coordination of motor and cognitive skills.

Integrated Listening

Integrated Listening Systems is founded on 2 basic principles- that smooth and coordinated neurological communication between the eyes, ears and inner ear- responsible for balance- is necessary for optimal functioning, and that neurological damage or weakness can be improved through repeated and targeted neural stimulation.
iLs is an interactive program that stimulates many interconnecting systems simultaneously with listening, balancing and body movement exercises. Children will listen to specific music and engage in sessions of counting while jumping, bouncing, throwing, and stretching using alternating sides of their bodies. This promotes necessary communication between these sensory input systems, which, with repetition, has proven to help attention and regulation, speech, auditory processing, sensory processing, reading and general learning abilities.
iLs helps the brain becomes more efficient at integrating multi-sensory information, leading to an organized brain, which is crucial for being at ease and interacting with the world around us.
The iLs program is customizable to each individual’s therapeutic goals. To learn more about iLs and how it can help your child, or to schedule an appointment, please contact us.