Our Services

Kid Clan provides outstandingly comprehensive occupational, physical and speech therapy services. Our therapists think out of the box to provide your child with a  level of service that is beyond any other.  Kid Clan Clinicians empower children with tools and skills to improve their performance in every environment. 

For more information about Kid Clan’s therapy services and how we can help your child, or to schedule an appointment, please contact us.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is designed to facilitate optimal gross motor skills. Kid Clan’s skilled physical therapists evaluate and treat children whose movement difficulties result in functional limitations. Our goal is to improve developmental skills, sensory processing and overall functioning. Areas targeted include:

  1. Gait and mobility
  2. Range of motion
  3. Strength
  4. Coordination
  5. Balance
  6. Endurance
  7. Postural control
  8. Sports
  9. Sports readiness
  10. Developmental milestones

In determining if a child can benefit from physical therapy services consider the following red flags:

  • Delay in meeting expected developmental milestones
  • Walking on the ball of their feet or other unusual walking patterns
  • Difficulty keeping up with their peers during play
  • Difficulty performing same gross motor tasks as their peers
  • Frequently trip and fall when walking or running
  • Complaints of pain during gross motor tasks
  • Reduced gross motor functioning following recovery from injury

At Kid Clan, safety and fun are our top priorities. We do our utmost to ensure that physical therapy is provided in a structured environment that is both safe and exciting. Parents are involved in the therapeutic process, as well, to facilitate functional outcomes.

Occupational Therapy

Children who struggle with motor and sensory processing difficulties, often do not perform to their potential. They may display what appears to be bad behavior, when this is actually the child’s way of coping with, and compensating for, motor and sensory processing challenges.The highly skilled occupational therapists at Kid Clan guide children to bridge gaps in development and acquire necessary skills to succeed in all areas, including daily routines, social playing, and participating in school and family life. We provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment of the following skills:
  1. Fine motor
  2. Gross motor
  3. Sensory integration
  4. Sensory regulation
  5. Visual perception
  6. Visual motor
  7. Handwriting
  8. Eye hand coordination
  9. Motor planning
  10. Strengthenin
  11. Self help skills

Our exceptionally qualified staff are trained in cutting edge therapeutic techniques, and implement them during occupational therapy sessions. These include Sensory Integration Therapy, Therapeutic Listening, Balametrics, Brain Gym, Neuronet, Interoception, Reflex integration Therapy and Therapeutic Yoga. Occupational therapy at Kid Clan is a fun, nurturing and family-oriented experience.

Speech Therapy

At Kid Clan, the goal of speech and language therapy is to help children attain the best communication skills possible. Our expert speech therapy team provides evaluation and evidence-based treatment of a full range of speech and language skills including:

  1. Auditory processing
  2. Articulation
  3. Receptive oral/written language
  4. Phonological processing
  5. Oral motor
  6. Expressive oral/written language
  7. Apraxia
  8. Stuttering/fluency
  9. Joint attention/social relatedness
  10. Play skills

Speech therapy sessions at Kid Clan are unique and engaging so that speech and language therapy feels more like play than work. Working together as a team, therapist, child and parent support each other toward successful communication.

ABA Therapy

Applied behavioral analysis (ABA) is an evidenced based intervention that is widely used in the treatment of children with autistic spectrum disorders. ABA is aimed at understanding childhood behavior and how it is affected by a child’s environment. At Kid Clan, ABA intervention is tailor-made for each child. Our skilled ABA therapists identify each child’s strengths, challenges and family situation and dynamics, to design a treatment plan specifically for them. A key aspect in successful ABA Therapy, is learning and skill practice throughout the day. Therefore, as part of the treatment plan, our creative therapists will structure the child’s day to provide frequent opportunities to acquire and practice the skill sets taught in therapy. Additionally we provide caregivers with training so they can further support successful learning outside of therapy. They are taught about many of the fundamental aspects of their child’s program, as well as how crucial it is to provide an abundance of positive reinforcement when valuable skills or socially appropriate behaviors are demonstrated. Although each child’s goal plan is unique to the person they are, the foundation is the same: positive social interaction, meaningful engagement and FUN! Effective ABA intervention can result in improved communication, social relationships, play skills, self care, motor development and academic skills.