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Website: Resellerclub.com
Keyword: hosting reseller
Competition: 21,500,000

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Website: Matrix.in
Keyword: international sim cards
Competition: 2,900,000

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Website: Templatic.com
Keyword: premium wordpress themes
Competition: 5,650,000

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Website: Redquanta.com
Keyword: mystery shopping india
Competition: 1,250,000


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Here’s A Bit About Digi Midas

We’re a Mumbai based full-service Digital Marketing & SEO Agency providing the highest quality services to our clients since 2009 and have enjoyed every moment since then.

Since our R&D effort of over 8 years, we have been helped more than 200+ clients promoting and marketing their website through search engine optimization. We are not your typical SEO Company. We are a team of 10 equipped with advanced technical SEO expertise, focused on using the internet to increase our client’s business.
Our clients range from small start-up to large size organizations. Whatever your business is, we aim to help our clients to reach their online marketing goals just like we’ve done for our clients. We pride ourselves on delivering results driven work, fulfilling projects within budgets and given deadlines, whatever the subject and sector.

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Reasons To Choose Digi Midas Over Other Companies

01. Leave your competitors behind

No matter what the competition, our heavily data-driven approach towards digital marketing will keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

02. We Deliver Results

We help businesses to thrive online by customizing services tailored to your business. We mark our success by how much we grow your business.

03. Multi-Lingual/Sector Experience

We have years of experience ranking websites in a range of sectors, from e-commerce sites to car rentals, travel to real estate and fitness clubs to education services. And we don’t stop here, we have ranked websites in non-English SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) too.

04. Detailed & Transparent Reporting

Our reporting is fully transparent and contains key metrics to measure KPIs. We love to divide reports into the statistical report for geeks and high-level report for busy entrepreneurs.

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    Why Online Marketing is important in 2019 & Beyond?

    If you have a business in Mumbai or Thane, India, you are generally looking for a trusted SEO company to get your website on 1st page of search engines.

    Living in this digital era, you must be familiar with SEO. You must be having a website of your own but are you able to have the desired business growth that you intend to have? You may not be able to grow your online business in Mumbai if organic search optimization strategies are not put in place in right direction. So, if you are looking for the best online marketing company in India, then you are at the right place.

    We at Digi Midas have the expertise and professionalism which will help you to have strategies successfully implemented on your website.

    The strategies that need to be followed

    You must be aware that if you do not have required top ranking in the search engines, visitors will not be able to see your business, and not be able to be your valued customers. In recent times, the way of accessing the web page by search engines have changed. So, the seo optimization strategies have also changed. It all started with relevant keywords but now backlinks, optimized contents, and moreover, activity plays a vital part in such strategies. You can read what google has to say about ranking in SEO natural search results.

    Quality in Digital Marketing and SEO Firm in Mumbai

    If you wish to have such digital marketing strategies successfully implemented into your website, you need to be with us. You may be thinking how we will make that happen. Yes, that is a question that must be arising in your mind. As you read through, you will know how we make that possible for you.

    The main things required for such successful web marketing is to have professionalism, expertise and years of experience of working in this field. We at Digi Midas have all such qualities in abundance. Let us see the various natures of service that we will make available for you.

    What we do

    Our strategies will increase your online visibility at search engine and social media networking websites, so your valued customers will able to find you easily.

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    We, as a full-service digital marketing agency in mumbai, we know what it takes to rank website organically by doing these:

    • Revision of the content and structure of your website
    • have advice pertaining to proper usage of JavaScript and web hosting for having effective website development
    • development of website contents according to the new norms of SEO
    • have business enhancement campaigns in place
    • have effective research on keywords, and training which will help you to perform some of these tasks.

    Local SEO

    Being the best amongst the top internet marketing agencies, we make sure our campaigns are result oriented. Ranking in Google Maps will allow your local customers to find your business more easily. Google prefers showing local map results to mobile user, so they can reach more quickly by calling local business.

    Through a proper keyword research based on the search criteria of local customers; our maps or local SEO experts will implement those into your site. By such means of keyword inclusion, customers will be diverted to your site when they search for products and services which you offer. Google is very much pushing local map results to help local business and home services with guaranteed tag so they can grow online with less budget. You can read here more about local SEO at searchenginejournal.com

    Local Ranking from thane based seo agency

    Like how you have reached this site by searching “seo company in thane” in search engine. Google My Business listing created on Google will let you advertise your business for free more efficiently and customers will know about you more.

    Local reviews will be included on your web page or at GMB listing so that visitors will have the trust of doing business with you. Besides, the expert assistant offered by us will optimize your landing page so that your site is noticed easily by customers. Moreover, the blogs published on your site will be able to link your site to other reputed sites.

    You can expect to have best online marketing by the proper usage of social media done by our professional team.

    PPC (Pay Per Click)

    Being a business owner in Mumbai, you may be thinking how to generate leads/sales almost instantly? This is where pay per click campaigns works. There are various reasons to have such a service.

    They are as follows:

    • You will be able to get quicker result as compared to search engine optimization
    • Step by step implementation of PPC strategies by us for your business will get more targeted clicks
    • Which will increase your traffic and potential leads or sales
    • Lastly, but not the least it is one of the best digital marketing channels to generate leads or sales in the shortest span which is scalable to any extent.

    SMM (Social Media Marketing)

    The Social Media management service that you can expect to have from us will enable you to have the required exposure for your business around thane. The service that we make available as the best social media firm in India, which is powerful, cost-effective and reliable.

    Successful Web Marketing for National Business and Local Businesses around Mumbai

    We will be doing all the work related to blogging, micro-blogging, social networking your site, social bookmarking your site and sharing related videos and photos at various social media site. From the day one we will take total ownership of the work, and you do not have to bother about it at all. We, as the Mumbai’s top internet marketing agency in India, will be using the social networking sites in the best possible manner by using specific strategies for making available the desired result. You will have an authentic online presence by the proper usage of blogs by our specialist.

    Google Analytics

    Being the Google Analytics Certified Company in India, we successfully use GA to find out how well your site is engaging your customers or visitors. Creating conversion goals to measure the profitability of visitors and where they are dropping off from funnel. For e-commerce business it is very vital to have, otherwise, it will be difficult to point what online marketing channel is working and whatnot.

    ORM (Online Reputation Management)

    You want to have a perfect online reputation for your business. You may have tried a lot, but all was in vain. Yes, we, as the best digital marketing company will help you in achieve decent web reputation. We will be taking care of the conversations that are made regarding your brand.

    We will be responding to such issues. We will be creating the perfect social media profile for your brand and manage it effectively. The blogging and the creation of microsite will enable you to have the perfect online reputation that you wish to have in thane or around suburbs of mumbai.

    You will be amazed by the trust and relationship which you will be able to have with your customers after availing the service from us. It will help you to regain the online reputation which you may have lost. The techniques used are modern and the result effective. We, as the best seo digital marketing provider value customers the most. As we take up a job, we take every care so that we excel and make our customers happy.

    ASO (App Store Optimization)

    App store Optimization helps your app to rank better in the search engine and to some extent in google play store by complementing reviews and ratings. You must have noticed that customers like to use apps more often versus browsing on cell phones these days because they love to consume data when they are on the move.

    We will rank your app by using latest ASO strategies, so you will be having more visitors than your competitors. We make this possible by suitable use of keywords, optimization of assets, performing surveys, having reviews on trusted sites, and having celebrity tweets (if possible). We approach each of the processes carefully and take utmost care so that you get the desired result.

    How SEO Outsourcing to India will help you?

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is vital for the growth of one’s business as it helps the websites by providing targeted visitors by improving the rank of that website. So, it is essential to consider each organic ranking parameters with great attention.

    As you are making constant efforts to grow your online business, so you should properly follow the basic features of natural search promotion.  We are a reliable and reputed name in the field of web marketing in India.

    Our team of professional experts is known for delivering incredible organic ranking in serps to our clients. Outsourcing to India has been providing double benefit of higher quality and lower costs the customers.

    The popularity of online promotion outsourcing is increasing day by day. A lot of big businesses are outsourcing their diversified business processes to the services providers (third party).

    In the offline mode, you can be available for some specific time, but an online mode provides an opportunity to be available for 24×7 through your website. It, therefore, enables you to get potential customers even when you are outside or sleeping.

    SEO is giving a wonderful opportunity for one’s business’s organic extension. We are providing the top-class services across Mumbai and other cities. A popular fact is that organic ranking is one of the main aspects to grow online for small business and ecommerce website. It provides the opportunity to the online identity and creates a seamless communication channel with lots of customers as well as business alliances.

    We are the top search marketing company, and we are always dedicated to the expectations and requirements of our clients. With our world class techniques, you will get the following:

    • Targeted audiences to the website
    • Improved awareness of your brand and product
    • More Leads
    • For the business, build online authority
    • Improved results in Search Engine
    • Improved ROI
    • Increased sales

    Despite the International pressure Outsourcing to India will be a viable option for another 3 decades: Everest click here and learn more at Official outsourcing Indian Website

    If you are looking for trusted offshore seo company in Mumbai, India, then you have come to the right place. As a top level expert in thane, we always want to see that your online business is growing with an incredible number of visitors as more leads imply more sales.

    We are offering an impressive range of very reliable, effective, and efficient growth plan which will be instrumental in fulfilling your business goals.

    SEO Reseller Packages

    The popularity of reseller program in India is increasing day by day. Some advantages of selecting the package include:

    White Label or Private Label

    • The is fast and easy, in which you don’t require to pay a huge amount of money and time for deciding the organization’s seo marketing strategy
    • Just handle your clients while we do all the hard work in the background
    • Access our reporting and put your brand name to resell our services

    With the help of partner program, you can build a partnership with us to enhance your business possibilities by offering additional service to your client with decent margin.

    How to get started?

    So, by now you might have an idea how much it is easy to achieve your online marketing goals. We are just one call away or if you are not in front of your phone, just fill up the contact form and our executives will contact you.

    After understanding your requirement in detailed manner, we will draft a strategy basis on your business goals. We have various reputed clients who have benefited by working with us. After you have a chat with our experts, you will feel why you did not contact us before.

    The service will provide you best of ROI, and make you surge ahead of your competitors. The cost-effective and result oriented digital marketing strategies will increase your sales which is quantifiable at any given point of time.

    So, do not be left out and have the best service of search engine optimization India from a reputed agency like us.

    If you are looking for Mumbai based SEO company?

    It’s always beneficial to choose a SEO company in Mumbai or in Thane or which is near enough to visit whenever needed. And they should be also aware what’s going on in the city, same rules applies for all the countries be it India, US or UK.