What we do?

Show highly targeted ads to relevant audiences basis on search query and interest

How we do?

By creating relevant ad campaigns containing keywords, ad copies and extensions

Why we do?

To deliver leads and sales which can be scaleable further

Why PPC is important for your business in 2017?

  • PPC ads done through search network can increase brand awareness by 80%
  • 50% of PPC visitors more likely to purchase something Vs organic visitors.
  • Display advertising has proven to increase traffic to websites by 300%
  • 69% mobile searcher call a business straight from Google search.
  • 75% of users never get past the first page of Google.
  • Search engines drive 300% more traffic to sites than social media.
  • Audiences 27 times more likely to click online video ads Vs standard banners.
  • 36% of searches on Google are associated with location.

Our PPC Company Results Speak For Themselves

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Reasons To Choose Digi Midas Over Other Companies

01. Business focus Strategy

We do PPC research and audits by keeping business goals in mind because no one size fits all solution

02. We get results for clients

We are 100% ROI focused & we know how to do split testing efficiently to deliver desired results

03. Google Certified Experts

Our Google AdWords Certified experts have in-depth PPC expertise can conduct split testing efficiently

04. Custom Reporting

Our reporting is fully transparent and self explanatory contains key metrics to measure KPIs

Our PPC Process

Step 1 – Detailed Keyword Analysis

  • Based on the research and objective/goal of your business, we will do detailed keyword research or every possible keyword that relates to your business by using myriad sources such as assessing competitor campaigns, keyword tools and much more.
  • We will short list the potential keywords systematically from initial list of keywords which would be cost effective for campaign
  • Short listed keywords will be presented to you for final approval, so that every keyword from this list should make sense from business perspective

Step 2 – Spend Planning

  • To find monthly spends estimation will be done on key parameters such as impressions, CTR, clicks, avg. CPC, cost, conversion rate, leads etc.
  • Research and get a clear estimates for number of relevant website with large volume of traffic for display ads

Step 3 – Landing Page Optimization

  • Landing page is a critical element in PPC Campaign, as visitor arrives from ads to these pages to buy your products or services. It plays a biggest role in conversion rate optimization.
  • We will suggest the changes for landing pages to improve its overall quality so any user can find your landing page(s) easy to understand in few seconds.
  • Better the quality score of landing page, less you have to pay for every click.
  • Our in-house web developer can be utilized to enhance its quality score.
  • Coordination with concerned person to implement required technical changes

Step 4 – Implementation

  • Creating relevant and enticing ad copies for each landing page to get optimum clicks with ad extensions
  • Optimizing ad copies to improve CTR which will lower down the cost per click for any given keyword (so you have to pay less/reasonable amount for every click)
  • Keeping a tab over high performing ads and enhancing its quality for better conversions rates (leads or sales). We will delete the non-performing ad copies which is not cost-effective.
  • Targeting Mobile Users with mobile specific campaigns and mobile ad extensions – pushing for app download
  • GDN strategy – creating video ads at YouTube Platform talking about product/services which will be targeted to people who has interest in your product/services

Step 5 – Campaign Optimization & Management

  • Campaign management includes setting up Daily, Weekly or Monthly Budgets as per the prerequisites (75-80% budget CPL based; 20-25% for experiment and branding)
  • We will do strategic bidding for every keyword to achieve a prominent Ad placement in search engine result pages which will give reasonable number of clicks.
  • Optimizing campaigns to improve CTR, conversion rate and CPA. Determine KPI + forecast future results.
  • Optimization of video campaigns which includes blocking ads on unwanted videos or videos which doesn’t perform well.

Step 6 – Monthly Review

  • Strategy revision: Roadblocks, Opportunities and way forward
  • Revised media plan every month

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