What we do?

Audit & optimize your google my business listing to pass right local signals

How we do?

Implementing right schema code on website and creating quality local citations

Why we do?

To increase your phone calls and store visits by tenfold

Why Local SEO is important for your business in 2017?

  • 59% of smart phone users who searches for local keyword visit stores same day
  • 76% of local searches result in a phone calls
  • 18% of local mobile searches lead to a sale within one day
  • 77% of smart phone users contact a business after looking for local information
  • 28% of searches for something nearby result in a purchase
  • 78% of local mobile searches result in offline purchases

Our SEO Company Results Speak For Themselves

Google Ranking

Website: Resellerclub.com
Keyword: hosting reseller
Competition: 21,500,000

Google Ranking

Website: Matrix.in
Keyword: international sim cards
Competition: 2,900,000

Google Ranking

Website: Templatic.com
Keyword: premium wordpress themes
Competition: 5,650,000

Google Ranking

Website: Redquanta.com
Keyword: mystery shopping india
Competition: 1,250,000

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Reseller Club organic traffic increased by

In just 4 months

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Reasons To Choose Digi Midas Over Other Companies

01. Ironclad ranking guarantee

We are so much confident about our local SEO expertise that we can rank your single or multi store business in no time.

02. Our methods get results

We know where to hit the hammer to get the desired results in local map

03. Local SEO Experts

Our experts are equipped with local optimization capabilities as it is way different than traditional SEO

04. Transparent Reporting

Our reporting is fully transparent and contains key metrics to measure KPIs.

Our Local SEO Process

Step 1 – Research

  • Detailed Keyword Research (which includes competition target keywords and it’s ranking)
  • Keyword Selection and Finalization
  • Detailed Competition Analysis such as their On-Page and Off-Page strategy (citation)

Step 2 – Planning

  • Detailed On-Page Recommendation checklist such as Title, Meta Tags and URL structure for the home page, category pages, and all other important landing pages.
  • Google Structured Data Strategy: It helps to pass additional information to search engine about specific web page which triggers reviews, ratings, and price in Google SERPS
  • Citation building strategy

Step 3 – Implementation

  • Implementation of On-Page changes and optimized content across the site as well as in GMB
  • Coordination with concerned person to implement required On-Page Changes and other technical changes at website

Step 4 – Final Audit

  • Auditing all the required changes
  • Providing final feedback basis on the final audit of On-Page Implementations

Step 5 – Citation Building (Off-Page Optimization)

  • Executing Off-Page Optimization Strategy by building authoritative citations to your site from local directories and community websites
  • Backlinks will be created from web 2.0 properties, blog & forum comments, web directories, classifieds, business directories or any other properties which will help to enhance website local relevancy.

Step 6 – Monitoring

  • Tracking of local keyword ranking
  • Monitoring site visits, direction request and calls from google map listing month on month
  • Finding new citation opportunities and monitoring competitor’s citations

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    What is Local Search Engine Optimization?

    • It can be obvious that you want to take charge of optimizing your own website, but ranking your website in Google Maps is associated with lots of techniques, and so you should leave this work to a professional expert as they can properly handle this work.
    • If you are searching for local seo services India, then you have reached the correct place. These specific services help in optimizing your website for a city, region, and locations of any physical shops and stores.
    • Same as SEO, this technique (local search marketing) is associated with the goal of increasing the ranking in the Search Engines for searches that will be relevant to the specific offering of your business.
    • The main difference is that this specific technique is involved with its general result.
    • Most of the times, viewers are looking for some services in one specific area along with a city name.
    • Then, most of the Search Engines started to include various business listings or results on maps that are included with the location to display the relevant results. It is proving the best scope for a company as it can display in topmost rank of the search results.

    If you look for best local seo company in Mumbai or Thane, then you can contact us, as we practice the advanced and world-class maps optimization for all your business goals.

    If you have your business in Mumbai, and you want to introduce yourself to the digital world, then it will be the appropriate opportunity for you.

    We understand your dream towards your marketing goals, and we will help to fulfill your dream with our dedication and hard work.

    Why Local SEO or Organic Optimization is Important?

    If you want to make an online presence, then it will be your first step towards a vast world of infinite possibilities.

    Today, we are living in the internet space, and so it is essential to make your services popular on the web.

    Growing a business online in India is not an easy task as it requires rigorous hard work and smart work.

    Your first step should be to develop an informational and dedicated website for your company targeting mumbai users or around suburbs.

    Now, how will customers know about your services and products? You will think that you have built a website and your work is complete, but it’s not that easy.

    What to do to rank in maps

    You will notice that your website is not growing, and no or very less number of visitors is showing interest on your website.

    So, where is the fault? It is not a fault; it’s just that you must rethink your strategies.

    Visitors generally search for a keyword in the search box of a Search Engine. After that, some relevant results are shown in front of them. It is often seen that most of the visitors only prefer the topmost search results among the rest.

    Game Changer GMB from Google for small entrepreneur

    That is where top local seo expert and consultant from India helps to rank websites in google maps listing which is also called Google My Business (GMB). It is highly recommended to rank your mumbai or thane based business in maps pack if you want to attract visitors or in-store visits. It also works like a magnet to attract calls from snack pack results.

    So, there is a cut-throat competition between the websites for ranking high in the search results, and you must also face that competition. Your business will not grow if you don’t have potential customers on your website as in that case your sales will not increase.

    Now, here the most powerful technique that comes into existence is known as organic search marketing.

    With SEO, your website’s rank can be improved tremendously, and the quality and quantity of potential audience will get increased. You can develop your own brand once you get popularity among the buyers. But, you must take care of every on-page and off-page parameters.

    Google Maps Ranking for Big or Small Business

    Today, small or big, any type of entrepreneur wants to make their organic online visibility, and many times, people search for services who are nearby, and it can create a big opportunity for these small scales or home-based businesses.

    We are a leading local maps marketing agency in India, and we are consistently offering the best services to our customers to help grow their brand to the maximum.

    So, organic search optimization is indeed essential for your overall organization growth. It works as a networked system in which top ranking, potential traffic, and sales are interconnected with each other.

    With our incredible maps strategy, you can make a prominent digital presence of your company. It works as a bridge between your website and the number of sales.

    Leverage Maps Marketing

    The search marketing is an impressive way to promote your brand in thane online or in Google maps. It helps in promoting your services and products to the users who reside in your city in the time when they are searching for them.

    The major difference between SEO vs Local SEO is their end results. You can optimize your website for some areas.

    When potential consumers perform a search for a specific product that is relevant to your product, then they can easily find out your website in the Search Engine results.

    Advertising is crucial to educate your customers about your business has to offer, and if you want that location-specific customer to visit your web page or store and buy your products, then online advertising in Google Maps can be the best option for you.

    Suppose, you have a small Indian based confectionery shop or restaurant from where you can deliver items to your nearby place, and for that, your website should be visited by relevant people around your physical location. Even GMB is nice app to track business listing performance as well as great community to get quick help.

    Every organization needs a marketing strategy so that business gets visibility be it online or offline and Digital Marketing is one of the most common techniques to become popular in short span if the right digital medium is used.

    But, if you have a small-scale company, then you should opt for hyper-digital marketing with which your services can be reached to those people, who are staying at the nearby locations. Small business owners can be hugely benefitted with this technique.

    Offline small-scale organizations got big leg up

    Internet marketing is getting popularity day by day to improve the traffic of start-ups and home service businesses.

    Today, many users search their required information on the search engines, and if your website is optimized for map listing, your brand will be hugely benefitted through this.

    The local business internet marketing, therefore, can be a great option for your offline or small-scale operations.

    Local search engine optimization services in India are vital to any companies’ growth, but you must smartly use the google maps ranking techniques considering your mumbai based business.

    You can also get significant benefits from the online marketing with the right type of campaign. Interested? Lets meet for coffee at our thane Office: