What we do?

Brainstorming and research about your business & competition

How we do?

On-page code optimization of your website as per the SEO standards

Why we do?

To enhance your website visibility in search engines and sales number

Why SEO is important for your business in 2017?

  • 91% of internet users use search engine to find product and services.
  • 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine.
  • 81% of shoppers conduct online research before making big purchases.
  • 80% – 90% of shoppers read online reviews before buying a product.
  • 50% of mobile visitors who searches for local keyword visit stores within one day.
  • 70-80% of users ignore the paid ads, focusing on the organic results
  • Search engines drive 300% more traffic to sites than social media
  • SEO leads converts @14.6% vs print advertising or direct mail converts @1.7%
  • SEO leads cost 61% less than direct mail or cold calling
  • Nearly 40% of people search only on a smartphone in an average day.

Our SEO Company Results Speak For Themselves

Google Ranking

Website: Resellerclub.com
Keyword: hosting reseller
Competition: 21,500,000

Google Ranking

Website: Matrix.in
Keyword: international sim cards
Competition: 2,900,000

Google Ranking

Website: Templatic.com
Keyword: premium wordpress themes
Competition: 5,650,000

Google Ranking

Website: Redquanta.com
Keyword: mystery shopping india
Competition: 1,250,000

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Reseller Club organic traffic increased by

In just 4 months

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Reasons To Choose Digi Midas Over Other Companies

01. SEO is simpler than you think

We know what works and what doesn’t in SEO industry like the back of our hand

02. Our methods get results

We have created SEO framework by doing successful test which will keep you in top ranking

03. International SEO Experts

Our experts are equipped with international capabilities

04. Transparent Reporting

Our reporting is fully transparent and contains key metrics to measure KPIs.

Our SEO Process

Step 1 – Research

  • Detailed Keyword Research (which includes competition target keywords and it’s ranking)
  • Keyword Selection and Finalization
  • Keyword Categorization and Grouping
  • Detailed Competition Analysis such as their On-Page and Off-Page strategy

Step 2 – Planning

  • Detailed On-Page Recommendation checklist such as Title, Meta Tags and URL structure for the home page, category pages, and all other important landing pages.
  • Technical On-Page Recommendations such as domain level 301 redirect, canonical, open
    graph implementations, custom 404 error page, web page speed, etc.
  • Content Creation and Optimization Strategy for all key pages
  • Google Structured Data Strategy: It helps to pass additional information to search engine about specific web page which triggers reviews, ratings, and price in Google SERPS
  • Long-Term Off-Page Optimization (Link Building) Strategy

Step 3 – Implementation

  • Implementation of On-Page changes and optimized content across the site
  • Coordination with concerned person to implement required On-Page Changes and other technical changes at website

Step 4 – Final Audit

  • Auditing all the required changes
  • Providing final feedback basis on the final audit of On-Page Implementations

Step 5 – Authority Building (Off-Page Optimization)

  • Executing Off-Page Optimization Strategy by building authoritative backlinks to your site from relevant places as much as possible.
  • Backlinks will be created from web 2.0 properties, blog & forum comments, web directories, classifieds, business directories or any other properties which will help to enhance website level authority.

Step 6 – Trust Stacking (Tier 2 Link Building)

  • Just building bunch of backlinks to your website will not do much until we improve trust and authority of these backlinks by building backlink to your original backlinks. In other words, we need to create level 2 backlink (tier 2) to level 1 backlinks (tier 1) which goes directly to your website.
  • Building tier 2 backlinks will help to enhance the trust of tier 1 backlinks hence tier 1 backlinks will pass more link juice (trust and authority) to your website.

Step 7 – Competition Link Spying

  • Detailed backlink analysis of top competitors
  • Finding backlink opportunities and placing your website link wherever is possible

Step 8 – Monitoring

  • Tracking of keyword ranking of all target keywords on timely basis
  • Monitoring Organic Traffic from search engines MOM
  • Keeping a close eye on competition’s new link opportunities
  • Regular enhancements in On-Page and Off-Page Optimization strategy if required

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    What is SEO Service?

    SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process to enhance the website content quality, user experience and visual experience which helps it to rank higher in search engines.

    If you are willing to start your online business, then at first, you should have a well-designed website. This is the first gateway for taking your business in the world of the internet.

    After having a professional website, the main aim is to attract quality traffic to your website and for that; your website should be ranked at the topmost position in the Search Engines. But, at first, you must know what is best seo services and its associated benefits if your business is Mumbai, India or around Thane city.

    SEO helps in the following ways

    • Your business or brand can be associated with a bigger and wider market.
    • Improved visibility in SERP’s for every phase of your business.
    • Improved position in search engines
    • Increased conversation
    • Engaged potential customers

    We are a popular name in the field of organic Google optimization providers. With our dedicated, talented, and expert seo team, we are consistently providing the best solutions so that your online business can be developed.

    Having a website is not sufficient, and you require a huge number of potential buyers to improve your sales. Before proceeding ahead, it is imperative to know various process.

    Some essential elements of Search Engine Optimization

    • Traffic Quality: It is one of the most important factors in the growth of any website. If you are running any kind of online business, then your website should be visited by those customers, who are genuinely, and seriously interested in your products.
    • Traffic Quantity: If you are an online businessman, then the number of customers is another vital part of your business. The more the potential customers, the more will be the growth of your business.
    • Organic Results: Free traffic for which you need not pay anything.

    Your search for the top seo services company in india ends here as with us, you can have a wonderful growth with your website. As time goes by, the optimization efforts are increasing day by day as most of the people have a trust on them after realizing their advantages to grow online.

    Why brands trust heavily on SEO?

    Some vital reasons, for which the brands have faith on natural search optimization, are as follows:


    You want that more and more customers can find your services or products while surfing the internet and it can be only possible if your website’s content is indexed by the Google. Search Engine Optimization helps your content to get indexed by placing them in the right position. Thus, you can get a strong position in the digital world.


    If your business and the associated features are more visible to the viewers, then they will slowly build up their trust on your products or services. With the help of optimization, your business can get more popularity if it is more observable across various online channels.

    We, as one of the leading earned media agency in Mumbai & Thane Town, are sincerely providing our consistent and dedicated google SEO optimization to our clients.


    Your website should be top rank in the Search Engine’s result. By this way, your products or services will get visible to the potential viewers, who are searching for a business like you.

    It implies credibility for business among the target audience and your business will expand and grow without a huge amount of investment.


    The most noticeable advantage of ranking high naturally in SERP’s is that it provides a significant improvement in traffic. Your website is associated with the top rankings now, and as a result, more and more visitors are enthusiastic about your business.

    As your online presence spreads all around the place, the number of quality traffic will get increased. If you are searching for India’s top seo services firm, then you have landed into the correct destination.


    If you are not aware how to rank your site organically in search engines in your business, then you might end up by investing lots of money along with time for leaving a genuine impression of your business in the digital world.

    Competition is increasing day by day, and to reserve the topmost seat, you must give stress on this strategy. Instead of spending lots of time and money, you can reach your goal with the help of optimization method.

    The potential audiences can be easily tapped through white hat ranking techniques. If you want a range of good services, then you can contact us at your convenience.

    Cost-effective method of marketing

    You may have a small business or a large- it doesn’t matter, as SEO is appropriate for both. It is probably the best cost-effective way of marketing through which your business can flourish in the digital medium.

    With the proper optimization efforts, you can attract quality natural traffic. Thus, you can reach your goal as a businessman in a desired and timely manner. We are providing the high-quality search engine optimization services for the development of your business.

    Some other advantages are Sales, Superior ROI, Demographic-based Targeting, and Insight into the Customers as well as Measurable results. Organic earned media is a technique for increasing the visibility and popularity of a website in SERP’s.

    After getting the high rank, your business along with its services and products, etc. will be reached by more visitors.

    On-page optimization implies to all the procedures that are used to directly improve the rankings in the search engines.

    Off-page optimization is referred to the procedures that are performed externally of the main website for improving the search rankings. We are one of the reputed, prominent, and ethical online promotion agency in India.

    So, ranking no.1 is essential if you want to flourish your business. It can be regarded as an investment through which your website can have huge popularity. If you are an entrepreneur, then making an online presence is essential for your thane business.

    Content marketing is a critical aspect of getting a potential number of customers.

    If your business is not associated with the online appearance, then you are missing the opportunities of ever-growing and wider marketplace as without the internet, now we can’t even think of our day. SEO is growing 10 fold in 2020

    Nowadays, due to the internet revolution, most of the people are extracting huge benefits. We are the trustworthy seo service provider in Mumbai in helping your business growth.

    Google Organic SEO

    Whether you have a small business or a large corporation, you need to make the same efforts to get rewards from Google. The ability to send the right signals to Google decides how easily you can get the right traffic on your site.

    And that requires the assistance from the Google’s best search engine optimization company, so that, you can maintain a strong and authoritative reputation in the digital universe for your business in thane & suburbs of mumbai.

    With Digi Midas, your business attains unique natural search strategy that meets all your business needs. We help you understand all the challenges associated with the algorithms, which saves you from possible blunders.

    Plus, our dedicated team keeps an eye on the new opportunities to help you gain the maximum advantage. Our smart and dedicated professionals lead your web presence to a successful scale.

    Driving relevant traffic from organic search services

    In organic SEO, getting lots of traffic is not enough. It is critically important that you are getting the targeted traffic on your website.

    Otherwise, there is no benefit of that traffic for your business. Hence, we ensure that your website receives relevant traffic from the natural searches.

    • We create a list of high volume and relevant keywords.
    • Adding relevant keywords to your landing pages helps in gaining the attention of the right audiences.
    • The right traffic improves the conversion rates on your website.

    Complete content optimization

    Content holds a great importance for Google if you want to rank no.1 position. And with our expertise, the content optimization becomes perfectly search engine friendly.

    • We work on the content available on each possible web page.
    • The blogs, images and other content forms go under the optimization process.
    • The issues of duplicate content and thin content are managed as well.

    No need to worry about crawlers

    In the process of google SEO optimization, sometimes crawling issues become a trouble. But not when we are there monitoring your digital pages.

    We take care of all the crawling issues, be it business directories or dental business or be it home service business in thane so that, Google never gets confused about the signals you are sending with your web pages.

    • Our team takes complete care of the sitemap creations.
    • The redirects are provided wherever required, so that, Google can see what you want it to show to your website’s visitor.
    • The issues related to the robots and files never become critical when our experts monitor it.

    Keeping an eye on the competitors

    To win Google’s favour through natural SEO, it is also important that you know your competitors if you are doing business in India or any other English-speaking countries.

    The analysis of the competitors in terms of their current methods makes it easy to gain the edge over them in the search results.

    And our experts complete the analysis and regularly monitor the changes in the competitor’s tactics.

    • Our team monitors the backlink structure of your competitors.
    • The research of the content helps in improving the quality of your web pages.
    • We find the opportunities with the analysis of your competitors to offer better pages for the target market.

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    Looking for guaranteed natural search engine rankings?

    Being a business owner in this digital era, you must consider having the service of SEO experts from Mumbai based agency for enhancement of business. If you have not yet, then it is prudent that you have our service for providing you the necessary enhancement.

    We at Digi Midas will offer you our expertise which you cannot even imagine of getting from other natural search marketing providers.

    The nature of guaranteed top position that you will be having from us will meet your expectations, and your business will enhance to the next level. If you search online, then you will be finding many such companies making such a claim. But we don’t want to give any false grantee which can’t be delivered, you can read here what Forbes is saying about guranteed results in rankingBest Firms Don’t Offer Guaranteed Results

    It is best to check the credibility of the company before you opt to hire them. Let us see what makes us stand out among others.

    The reasons for having our service

    There are obvious reasons why you should be selecting our performance based seo service.

    Let us have a look at the reasons.

    • Established player: Digi Midas does not make any false claim as done by other agencies. We are well-established players in online marketing field. The knowledge and experience level of our SEO experts enable them to develop marketing strategies which will work a miracle for your company (in a most feasible manner).
    • The strategies will not only be formulated but implemented so that you get faster results. We regularly keep on updating the features of the service so that you get maximum benefit if you want to target local customers in thane city or your neighborhood.
    • Brand popularity: Having strong brand popularity is required so that your customers remembers your brand and turn into loyal fans. We update our marketing skills so that you get lasting brand recognition both in the local and global market. We not only update but customize our skills according to your requirements.
    • One stop solution: It may be seen that for opting for result based plans from us, you may require doing changes in your website to some level without hurting user experience. If you are with us, then you need not worry because we are top in digital marketing industry. We offer you all the solutions at one place.
    • Professionalism: You can expect to have the expertise and professionalism required for having the best of search engine optimization result. As we are the premium company in India in providing guaranteed ranking at 1st page, you can expect the high-class services from our experts. We are in this field for years, and the experts working with us in Mumbai office have the necessary expertise to offer the best.

    So, you now know why you should select us for having such a service. Without making any delay be with us and flourish in business.