The Generation 7 model exhibits new standard values, integrating power, speed, and the beauty of simplicity.

The Generation 7 models have been developed from new perspectives which were extracted from the social and industry trends, with increased productivity provided as a precondition.

The SK75SR-7 machine was the start of the new Kobelco generation which has evolved drastically based on the newly added focus. The machine combines the aforementioned performance with design. Our conventional concept – achieving a more fuel-efficient Kobelco has not changed.

PERFORMANCE: Improved power and cycle speed increase work efficiency and productivity.

DESIGN: Our pursuit of operability and comfort, primarily for operators created the beauty of simplicity.


Perceivable performance

  • High-output engine STAGE V compliant
  • Safety
  • Right and rear cameras

Approaches to multi-function and diversity

  • 10-inch color monitor (the largest in the industry)
  • Attachment mode

Ease of maintenance

  • iNDr high-density mesh filter which removes dust, allowing the cooling equipment to be maintained
  • KOMEXS which totally supports machines through network speed and accuracy


Design contributing to comfort

  • Comfortable and cozy cab

Design contributing to operability

  • Jog dial that allows simple operations
  • LED backlights

Interior and exterior designs

  • Solid & Advanced exterior design
  • High-Grade & Advanced interior design

SK75SR-7 & SK85MSR-7

Key features:

  • Large size cabin with intuitive controls to reduce operator fatigue
  • Best in class performance for easy maneuvring and short cycle times
  • Hydraulic performance is fully customizable for excellent adaptation to any job requirement


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SK75SR-7 offset boom

  • Allows working in tight job sites
  • Comes with object handling kit; 2 additional hydraulic circuits are optional for excellent adaptation to any site requirement
  • Available with an optional long arm and optional additional counterweight (+300 kg) to match any site demands

SK85MSR-7 2 piece boom

  • Boom design allows easy maneuvering in tight spaces
  • Standard configuration includes 2 additional hydraulic circuits and object handling kit prepared for any job requirement
  • Available with an optional long arm and optional heavier counterweight (+350 kg) for excellent adaption to job site requirements


Key features:

  • Engine performance, as well as oil flow, is increased for shorter cycle times
  • Large 10″ multilingual monitor shows all usable information at a glance including eagle-eye view camera footage
  • The machine is available with 2 optional counterweights for excellent balance when working with heavy attachments


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