Who We Are

Digi Midas Facts

  • Based in Mumbai
  • In a relationship with Biryani
  • Digital Marketing Junkies
  • DC Comics Fans
  • Loves Cricket
  • We do Digital Marketing

At Digi Midas, we all come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problem in SEO & Digital Marketing. We’re a Mumbai based full-service Digital Marketing & SEO Agency providing the highest quality services to our clients since 2009 and have enjoyed every moment since then.

Since our R&D effort of over 8 years, we have been helped more than 200+ clients promoting and marketing their website through search engine optimization. We are not your typical SEO Company. We are a team of 10 equipped with advanced technical SEO expertise, focused on using the internet to increase our client’s business.

Our clients range from small start-up to large size organizations. Whatever your business is, we aim to help our clients to reach their online marketing goals just like we’ve done for our clients. We pride ourselves on delivering results driven work, fulfilling projects within budgets and given deadlines, whatever the industry is.

- Our Mission -

To truly help our clients grow their businesses be it large or small by creating a heavenly relationship so they can focus on what matters most.

Meet the Team

Arshad Shaikh

Arshad Shaikh is a Digital Marketing nerd and SEO junkie. In 2005 he began working in Search Engine Optimization and internet marketing.

After building decent amount of successful websites in various niches (automobiles, home & living, etc.), he’s refocused on what he loves most: helping businesses to thrive online.

He has a proven track record of turning his clients businesses into successful online business with a combination of SEO, PPC & SMM. He gives attention to the smallest details which sets him apart from other Online Marketer.

When Arshad isn’t working on digital marketing strategy, you can find him watching Robin Sharma videos, reading Guy Kawasaki & Avinash Kausik blogs

Other than his passion for SEO & Digital Marketing, he is usually hanging out with his family or playing CS.

5 things you don’t know about Arshad

  • Considers himself a sniper expert kills enemies with decent accuracy all day long in Counter Strike but he gets killed like a rat with Ak47 most often.
  • He is scared of cats but not dogs.
  • He has a fantasy to do ace ventura haircut and jog near beach one day.
  • He can’t remember what he did yesterday, but he still knows all the moves of “Gangnam Style” from the 2002.
  • Even though he is afraid of heights and won’t look down when he is walking across a bridge, his bucket list includes paragliding.

Asif Shaikh
SEO Manager

Asif is Digi Midas’ SEO aficionado. He takes the initiatives anything and everything about SEO be it audits, keyword research, maps ranking, as well as dealing with technical SEO issues are among his core competencies in spearheading some of Digi Midas’ most successful campaigns. He is insanely result oriented guy & passionate about latest industry trends.

When he is not optimizing website he loves boomeranging videos on Instagram. Outside of that, he loves to feel the breeze when riding his motorcycle.

5 things you don’t know about Asif

  • Asif has developed an odd habit of collecting multiple Mi phone on his desk.
  • He can talk 24/7 about proteins, calories burn and all other fitness stuff because he loves body building
  • He has an addiction to Ray Ban sunglasses having owned 8.
  • He thinks that he can turn red lights green if he stare at them long enough.
  • When he given with a choice, he always pick pie over cake.

Hardik Vora
Web Developer

A specialist in WordPress website design & development, Hardik loves nothing better than being elbow deep in some very, very impressive code. He can provide best solutions to complicated problems with apparent ease.

A website developer with a depth of experience that is hard to match for a man of his tender age.

When he’s not creating new websites for clients he usually enjoys watching dramatic movies and comedy web series.

5 things you don’t know about Hardik

  • He loves to keep 100 tabs open in his browser and he prides himself doing so.
  • He never fails to bring Khaman Dhokla (Typical Gujarati Indian Snacks) in office.
  • Hardik can play the guitar, piano, or anything that makes noise.
  • He waited 2 years to know the reason for “why kattappa killed bahubali” in movie part 2.
  • If he becomes president for a day, first thing he would ask Google to show only real apple search results for “Apple” search terms, not the manufactured ones.

Kinjal Gogri
Graphic Designer

With 8 years of experience in innovative creative design projects, Kinjal is able to deliver successfully any project either graphics for website or social media. Ultimately she improves bottom line by crafting creative solutions to clients’ business problems. She loves challenges and her good-natured personality makes her a joy to work with.

When Kinjal is not in the office she enjoys taking her dog for walk down the beaches and battling with wild plants in her backyard!

5 things you don’t know about Kinjal

  • She feels happiest person on the earth while interacting with furry friends.
  • Kinjal struggles to say no to chocolates.
  • She uses popsicle sticks down the gutter when it rains.
  • She somehow believe that the earth is flat because it doesn’t go up & down when she drives.
  • She mostly daydreaming about going to Hogwarts.

Sonu Sj
Paid Media Manager

Easy-going, Sonu is a laid-back character but he’s slowly taking over the world, with his growing love of PPC. He enjoys delivering creative strategies for PPC and Social Media Paid campaigns.

He is a huge football fan and covering everything he eats in BBQ sauce.

He is passionate about everything related to cell phones, photography art, video and anything connected somehow to art.

5 things you don’t know about Sonu

  • Sonu loves the FCB and he wear MUFC tshirts.
  • His ideal weekend: Driving to Dhaba(outskirt restaurants), having delicious food with Shisha.
  • He can wiggle his ears separately.
  • His favorite food is pizza (major weakness)
  • He spends way too much time thinking about Game of Thrones

Yuga Mane
Web Developer

Yuga has a big heart and bigger ideas, she is an experienced developer who works on both front end and back end. She is passionate about her job because she loves working with clients and making their thoughts and ideas come alive.

When not buried in the binary world, yuga enjoys keeping connected to her interests: watching recipes and cat videos.

5 things you don’t know about Yuga

  • She is addicted to Netflix web series.
  • Yuga daydreams about winning MasterChef.
  • She has an addiction to high heels having owned 6.
  • Her cat name is Katy Purry.
  • If she could have a super power it would be to teleport because she spends most of her time on trains.

Ayaz Don
SEO Intern

Ayaz is all about happiness, whether it is a fine coffee in the morning or while learning dark art SEO techniques, he is all about making a difference. Ayaz have completed a six week internship for a education consultancy where he used do a sales pitch for admissions, which lead him to joining Digi Midas in 2017

In his spare time he loves nothing more than discovering cool places on his bike.

5 things you don’t know about Ayaz

  • He own number of penguin soft toys and they all have names
  • Ayaz is a big fan of action films but he hates Disney films (we’re not sure he’s real!)
  • He is happiest when he does bossing with his besties
  • He is not very good at multitasking. He can’t talk on the phone and watch TV at the same time.
  • He is 21 and he still have a baby tooth.

- Our Principles -

Our business is based on three essential principles (outlined below) combined with outstanding customer service, value for money and extensive knowledge of the digital marketing industry.

  • Intelligent: One of our essential principles has always been “work smarter” and making better
  • Efficient: In order to work smarter, we need to develop efficient processes and procedures. You too could benefit from our efficiency.
  • Reliable: To be able offer a reliable service, our operations must be streamlined, efficient and autonomous – giving us more time to look after our number one asset – our clients.