What we do?

Humanize your brand & engage your social audiences to earn trust

How we do?

Developing a unique tone of voice which helps to reach your ideal audiences on social media

Why we do?

To boost your brand awareness & audiences engagement level which can drive leads or sales

Why SMM or SMO is important for your business in 2017?

  • 48% of users have interacted with brand on at least one social network.
  • 41% of users engage with the brand having a strong social media presence.
  • 59% users says that the customer service via social media has got much easier.
  • 95% of adults aged 18-34 are most likely found a brand via social network.
  • 71% of users endorses a brand on social media if they have awesome experience.
  • 56% of online adults use more than one social media platform.
  • 74% of people say they use Facebook for professional purposes.
  • 52% of online and offline purchases influenced by Facebook marketing.
  • 93% of Pinterest users use the platform to plan or make purchases.
  • 32% of teenagers agrees that Instagram is the most important social network.

Our SMM Company Results Speak For Themselves

Cost per Engagement

Total Engagement: 8,763

Cost per Engagement

Total Engagement: 7,378

Cost per Engagement

Total Engagement: 5,431

Cost per Engagement

Total Engagement: 10,853

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Reasons To Choose Digi Midas Over Other Companies

01. Humanize your brand

We humanize your brand by crafting the right content that audience will love

02. Results driven strategy

We know what it takes to engage audiences and convert loyal fans into customer

03. Experienced SMM Experts

Our social media marketing experts has worked with wide range of clients

04. Transparent Reporting

Our reports is fully transparent and contains key metrics to measure KPIs

Our SMM Process

Step 1 – Research

  • Detailed competition analysis to understand theirs content strategy
  • Determining social media goals and objectives of your business
  • Align paid social media marketing strategy as per your objectives

Step 2 – Planning

  • Drafting Social Media content calendar for your brand
  • Create a monthly spends planner for social ads basis on key parameters such as audience reach, geo, interests, etc.

Step 3 – Implementation

  • Executing the SMO & SMM strategy
  • Posting shareable content across social media channels and keeping a tab on performing post vs nonperformer
  • Targeting right audience who potentially can engage with your brand and convert into customers

Step 4 – Monitoring

  • Tracking all social media activities on timely basis
  • Keeping a close eye on competition’s to leverage opportunities
  • Regular enhancements in SMM strategy whenever is required

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    What is Social Media Marketing(SMM)?

    You must agree if said that marketing plays a vital part for the prosperity of a business. There are various marketing strategies that you can have. In this digital era, the most modern technique of marketing that you can have is social media marketing or advertising from India firm. There are various reasons for this nature of marketing gaining popularity. Let us see the several reasons for its popularity.

    The various reasons for popularity of this nature of marketing

    Reputed agencies like us are inclining to have such nature of modern marketing using various sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube. The various reasons for such popularity are:

    • Cost effectiveness: This nature of smm is a cost-effective method of promoting your mumbai based business on various sites without any investment. Alternatively, if you tend to use other methods of marketing you need to spend a part of your capital.
    • Reach many: Reputed sites like Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube have thousands of visitors daily. So, if your product or services are marketed in these sites, you can also reach many. The number of visitors to your website will increase, and you can convert them into your potential customers by having social media management services from a reputed company like us.
    • Word-of-mouth concept: People tend to believe this nature of word-of-mouth concept as propagated by such effective marketing through social networking websites rather than commercial marketing.

    The trends of social media marketing and optimization (SMM & SMO)

    There are various means of effective marketing which is taken up by us. Let us see some of them so that we can make you motivated in having such promotion.

    Video Content: The entire concept of the content application has changed, and for having best social media optimization (SMO) marketing, we are introducing video contents. The contents are not written but are in the form of videos which explains and promotes your product and services effectively in India.

    Payable exposures: This is also a concept that is being advocated and implemented by us for having effective media advertising and digital marketing. By this service, we can help you to reach millions of users as per your desire segregated according to age, sex or locality and theirs interest or behaviour or both.

    Social shopping: E-commerce referrals on various sites like Pinterest and Twitter are successfully implemented by us to enhance your business productivity.

    Marketing automation: We, as a reputed smm company in mumbai, have introduced such methods which have made your job less tedious. To do proper marketing in india, you do not need to run from pillar to post anymore. Instead, you just need to showcase your product and services of your thane based businesses in various sites as per our expert advice.

    Mobile marketing: You must have noticed that people rarely use computers to search anything on the net. As we are always on the move, we use mobiles or tablets for doing the required search. As such, we, as a reputed social ads management consultant always try to make such marketing methods mobile friendly.

    How to select best social media agency?

    So, you can now understand how effective it is to have such means of marketing. You must be willing to have such marketing in place for your business. Let us see how to select the best social media marketing companies. The points that you need to consider are:

    • Experience: This should be your first consideration. The digital media agency must have proper experience in providing you the effective marketing means.
    • Successful implementation: Your marketing firm must have successfully implemented effective marketing for other brands to generate positive engagements.

    We, as a leading SMM company in India can assure you about all the promotion strategies mentioned above. So, without hesitation opt for our valued services and prosper in your business in Mumbai suburbs and thane city. Don’t underestimate your local business promoting on social networks works great if provided with right message.