Our Rooms

Our state of the art facility is a child’s dream play land. We are able to create unique sensory experiences and motor challenges that are custom-made for your child.  We have multiple sensorimotor gyms and treatments rooms with various hook ups; each visit to kid clan is novel and exciting!  Our location provides on-site parking for your convenience.

Waiting Room

Even before your appointment starts you'll be having fun at Kid Clan! The waiting area has fun and engaging activities so children do not become bored or frustrated while waiting for their turn. There is even a secret hideaway so the kids can curl up with a book in a cozy, quiet spot. Come see for yourself!

Long Gym Room

The layout of our Long Room makes it the ideal space for all kinds of unique challenges that promote motor planning, coordination, and of course, fun! There are obstacles courses, rock climbing walls, swing hook-ups and more!

Small Sensory Room

Although equipped with exciting equipment like the zip-line, this smaller room was set up to provide a cozier and more inviting space for the younger, and more fearful child. This gym may feel safer to a hesitant child with its low set of monkey bars, and various hideaways for children to explore and adventure on their own.

Large Sensory Room

The sky's the limit when it comes to creating new motor challenges in this room! This spacious gym has multiple hook ups so that many different swinging apparatuses can be configured in an infinite number of ways! For the school aged children, there are high monkey bars, a ball pit and bumper balls to name of few of the exciting attractions. There is an exercise bike, weights and balance equipment to encourage postural alignment, core strengthening, bilateral integration and overall strength and endurance Your child will be provided with unique, achievable challenges for real success and real fun. They will develop motor skills. problem-solving strategies, and frustration tolerance in a safe and supportive environment.


What's on the menu today? Slime, goo, putty, cookies? We are aways cooking up something fun in our kitchen. Whether its a sequencing or sensory activity, our the kitchen is set up so that kids of all sizes and stages can have loads of fun experimenting and creating.

Small Rooms

These four rooms are designed to offer a small, distraction-free space where children can learn to feel just right. We can adjust the lighting, incorporate therapeutic music, and utilize aromatherapy by diffusing essential oils to achieve a perfect state of calm and regulation. As your child experiences this feeling of ‘just right’ on multiple visits, they will learn how to tap into this balanced state on their own, in a variety of settings.